General information for athletes

Turku, October 5th, 2018

46. Kupittaa Air Gun Competition 2018


General information for athletes


  • The place for registration is located in the hall of the indoor shooting range.
  • If you have anything to ask during the event, ask the personnel in the registration area.

Rifle/pistol and equipment control

  • Equipment control will be conducted at a so called ”small shooting range” for air rifle. The checkpoint is open one and a half hour before the first relay, and it is open daily until the end of the competition day.
  • No pre-competition testing will be done. However, athletes are urged to submit any doubtful equipment and clothing to Equipment Control for checking before the competition.
  • All athletes are subject to being selected for random post-competition testing of each event during the competition. If so, the rifle/pistol and all equipment are being checked. The same goes for those who shoot new records.
  • Air rifle athletes: the athlete must not take off his or her equipment if been chosen to post-competition testing. The athlete must wait at the shooting place until the personnel picks him or her to the testing area.
  • Air pistol athletes: pistols and other equipment will be checked at the pistol shooting range.
  • Any air or CO2 cylinder must still be within its validity date. Otherwise the cylinder cannot be used.

Shooting ranges, lanes / instructions

  • Mega link electronic targets are used in all competitions.
  • Preparation and sighting time starts 15 minutes before the competition.
  • The athletes are invited to their shooting places at least 30 minutes before the start of the  competition.
  • When the athlete is on his or her shooting place, the safety flag is not obligatory unless the chief range officer says otherwise.The chair behind the athlete is also seen as a part of his or her shooting place -the chair can be used for resting and sitting during the competition. If the athlete has stopped competing or wants to leave the shooting place while the competition is still on, must the safety flag be always set in its place.
  • The rifles/pistols and all the equipment can be removed from the shooting place when all athletes are ready and the chief range officer has given a permission for picking things up.

Official Scoreboard / Notice board

  • At the Final shooting range.


  • Results of each relay can be found on the screen at the Final shooting range. All results of the competition are on the official scoreboard.
  • Objections in all cases must be left in 10 minutes time after having
    appeared on the official scoreboard.
  • The results of the Finals are final.


  • In case of a tie (in getting to the Finals), rules for ”tie” will be used.
  • Signing up for the Finals must be done 30 minutes before the Finals start.
  • Sign up for the Finals is to be done at the Equipment control point.

Awarding ceremony

  • Daily; see separate timetable.
  • There will be prizes for all athletes in the Finals.
  • In other classes, from one to six athletes will be given a prize, depending on the number of the participants.

Aiming and dry firing area

  • Is located in the 10 m running target lane.

Traffic signals                  

  • Navigator: street address Tahkonkuja, 20520 TURKU
  • You will be guided to the shooting range straight from the hall.                                        


  • There is very little space for parking right in front of the Kupittaa Sports Hall.
  • A bigger, fenced parking area can be found near the Sports Hall -remember to pay for parking! There are also some parking places next to the Veritas football stadium near Kupittaa Sports Hall.


  • Is located in the range where the Finals are held. Coffee and some snack.

First aid

  • Hospital ”Turun yliopiston keskussairaala”, telephone number 02 313 8800.
  • In emergency, call 112.